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Within this transformative sanctuary, your active engagement becomes the alchemical catalyst for profound inner shifts. Through the embrace of three live calls per month and dedicated integration week, you're invited to journey deeper into the realms of self-discovery over the course of six expansive moons.

Each lunar cycle is an initiation into one of our sacred pillars: Conscious Evolution, Intuitive Development, and Prosperity Consciousness. The initial three months introduce foundational concepts, while the subsequent three months provide opportunities for deepening your understanding and practice.

The many facets of our transformative experience include:


Once a month, we come together for a special Initiation Call. This gathering is a sacred opportunity for all the women in our circle to share and listen deeply to each other's reflections based on the weekly wisdom question.

During the Initiation Call, we create a powerful space for collective growth and connection. This rhythm is like the heartbeat of our sacred sisterhood and it is what keeps the life force energy flowing abundantly throughout our shared journey of personal and collective growth.



In these transformative calls where creativity and play merge with oracular visioning, we will begin by crafting an Oracle Board together. Then utilizing this tool, we will embark on a womb-spiral journey that will serve as a compass in navigating the unexplored caverns of our inner realms.


Steeped in the traditions of Peruvian shamanism and embodied play, together we'll weave a web of intuitive wisdom, utilizing symbols and elements deeply connected to the earth's cycles. This Sacred Feminine exploration will give you the self mastery & skills to embrace the Great Mystery with an open heart and a sense of adventure.


Once a month you will also receive a group Kundalini Activation (KA) session. Kundalini Activation is a potent yet subtle energy transmission that directly activates the dormant Kundalini energy, catalysing profound transformation and expansion in your consciousness.

For this call we simply show up to receive-gifting ourselves with an opportunity to deeply rest and restore. 

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Integration Week is a cherished part of our program, providing each woman with a dedicated time to reflect on her journey over the past month and within the sacred pillar of focus. This week is designed to allow you to process your experiences, insights, and growth in a meaningful way.

During Integration Week, there will be no live call. Instead, we will be sharing a personal reflection in our private WhatsApp group. 


To strengthen our ties, once a week you will also be paired up with a fellow participant to explore a deeper connection through a 30 minute connection conversation scheduled at a time that suits you both.



Alongside our weekly calls and your weekly diad with another sister, you will have access to a private Whats App chat to share and connect with the group outside of call times. 


As a special offering within our circle, each member will receive one intuitive guidance session during the six-month journey. These sessions, hosted by Nadine, provide an intimate one-on-one connection to help you deepen your intention and navigate your time in the container.

During your session, Nadine will offer personalized guidance, support, and insights, creating a sacred space for you to receive and share. This unique opportunity allows for profound personal growth and alignment with your goals, ensuring that you make the most of your journey within our circle. Embrace this chance to connect deeply, reflect meaningfully, and enrich your experience with intuitive wisdom tailored just for you.


The Living Room synchronistically arrives in a woman’s life at a time of deep calling, personal evolution and embrace of the mystery. 

Join Us In The Living Room

Have some questions before you join?

Book A Pathway Call below.

The Living Room is a 6 month commitment with 3 live calls per month. Our first call will start on Sunday June 30th. While we encourage you to be live on each call- we also understand that sometimes that is not possible. To accommodate everyones timezones and allow the most people to participate live, calls are scheduled monthly as follows:


Week 1: Live Initiation Calls: 

  • Sundays- 1:30pm US Central Time, 8:30pm Europe CEST

Week 2: Healing Activation Calls: ( You have two live options to choose from)

  •  Call 1 : Mondays- 9:00 am US Central Time, 4 pm Europe CEST

  •  Call 2: Mondays- 2:00 pm US Central Time, 9 pm Europe CEST

Week 3: Divination Calls: ( Video Recording Available)

  • Tuesday  12:00pm US Central Time, 7:00pm Europe CEST


  • Pay Monthly

    Every month
    Valid for 3 months

Pay Monthly Plan


Per Month For 6 Months

Whats Included:

  • 6 X 60 min Initiation Calls

  • 6 X 90 min Divination Workshops

  • 6 X 90 min Kundalini Group Activations 

  • 1 Integration week per month

  • 4 Diad connection calls a month

  • Private Whats App Group

  • Bonus Intuitive Guidance Session

ISS-Sisterhood-Circle-7 (2).jpg


($166 Per Month)

Pay All At Once

Whats Included:

  • 6 X 60 min Initiation Calls

  • 6 X 90 min Divination Workshops

  • 6 X 90 min Kundalini Group Activations

  • 1 Integration week per month

  • 4 Diad connection calls a month

  • Private Whats App Group

  • Bonus Intuitive Guidance Session

2 Payments 

2 X $555

($185 Per Month)

Whats Included:

  • 6 X 60 min Initiation Calls 

  • 6 X 90 min Divination Workshops

  • 6 X 90 min Kundalini Group Activations

  • 1 Integration week per month

  • 4 Diad connection calls a month

  • Private Whats App Group

  • Bonus Intuitive Guidance Session



Our monthly calls are the heart of our circle, each offering a unique experience to support your growth and aspirations. Here's what you can expect from each type of call:

  • Initiation Call: A week before this call, you'll receive a centering question to contemplate. This live, one-hour call is a dedicated space for sharing and witnessing each other's reflections. This call will not be recorded, so we ask everyone to carve out time to be present and engage deeply.

  • Kundalini Activation: For this call, there's no need to prepare anything—simply show up and receive. We offer two different call times each month for this powerful and enriching healing session, allowing you flexibility in scheduling.

  • Divination Call Workshop: A week before this workshop, you'll be provided with all the information and materials you need. This call will be recorded, so if you can't attend live, you can catch up later at your convenience.

Each of these calls is designed to create a space where you can embrace the collective wisdom and support of our circle. Your presence and genuine contributions enrich our gatherings, fostering growth, healing, and empowerment for each woman in our sacred space.


Social Responsibility

Giving Back

When you join The Living Room a percentage of your investment  goes to support empowering women in Ecuador through Project ANNA whose initiatives align deeply with the intention and prayers of this sacred space. 



To ensure The Living Room is accessible to all, we offer a small number of needs-based bursaries during each enrolment period. This bursary is intended to benefit people who genuinely cannot afford joining but who have received a full body yes and truly feel called to be part of a women's circle. 

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