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Here is the dance we do here:

We ground. We quiet. We ask ourselves, What wants to come through me?

We make intentions. We place these wishes at the altar of our lives

We add nourishment & gratitude

We move through the days, the months, the moments with our hearts open-

Listening to the inner voice that whispers what we need

We look to what´s in front of us to teach us. We look to our lives to teach us

We release. We let go of whats not working. And then we do it all over again.

Each week is different and the structure gives us the scaffolding that holds us up when we need support.

We don´t wait for things to change. We create the change, within.

We welcome you to this experience with all our heart.


We will strengthen, we will nourish- we will examine and self-enquire

We will flourish through thought & action.

Your life is here. Your life is now. Bring all of yourself to it.

We welcome you, We welcome you, We welcome you


Evolution. Alchemy. Transformation.

The Living Room is an intimate gathering of 13 women where we come together for weekly private calls.


The Living Room isn't just a space; it's a six-month transformation portal—a sacred journey of initiation, activation, divination and integration.

Our live calls serve as portals into the depths of our being, guiding each participant through a transformative process of self-discovery and healing.  This consistent space allows for each women to wholeheartedly speak her truth, access and share her Inspirations, extend pure witness, and deepen her personal wisdom and healing.

As we journey together through this transformational portal, we create a space where intention becomes manifestation, activation becomes empowerment, and integration becomes liberation.


Welcome to The Living Room—a sanctuary for personal growth, collective healing, and the alchemical dance of transformation.



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