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After a decade of community program experience with the Hearts of Gold Foundation, Project ANNA is a new evolution in providing direct support for empowering & supporting local women leaders and healers in Ecuador through the creation of a transformative Women's Leadership Retreat.  Participants will develop not only their leadership skills & communication abilities but also cultivate regenerative practices & experiences that nourish their well-being.


The retreat offers a unique opportunity for these under-supported women to recharge and renew their energy, enabling them to continue their work in their community with renewed enthusiasm and resilience


The Challenge

Women leaders in Ecuador face significant challenges in their work due to lack of training & the financial means to access such opportunities. Only 15% of women leaders in Ecuador have access to formal leadership training & 70% express a lack of financial resources to access such opportunities. This lack of support & resources for women leaders has a profound impact on their communities, leading to missed opportunities for sustainable development, social empowerment, and collective wellbeing.

Green Plant

Our Solution

Our transformative Women's Leadership Retreat will be a dedicated space where local women leaders can come together to nourish their minds & bodies while acquiring the skills & knowledge needed to overcome barriers & create lasting change. The retreat will offer a comprehensive program that combines communication & leadership development with a focus on creating a supportive environment where women leaders can recharge, reconnect with their purpose, and cultivate self-care practices

Empowering Women Leaders:

Supporting Their Journey Towards Change

By supporting our Women's Leadership Retreat and addressing the lack of support, access to training, and financial resources faced by women leaders in Ecuador, you are empowering them to overcome barriers, tap into their full potential, and lead the way towards a more equitable and prosperous society. Together, let's create a transformative experience that nurtures and empowers women leaders, fostering positive change at individual, organizational, and community levels.

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Long-Term Impact
Investing in the holistic development and well-being of women leaders yields
significant long-term benefits for both the individuals and the communities they serve

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